Beauty’s Journey

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The journey,
How You wish to lead me/
Transcends my understanding
Yet life is so demanding

Your ways so holy
Sometimes unravel slowly
But if beauty came fast
How long would satisfaction last?

Oh God, time seems so unkind
So we settle for the quickest find
Going on a journey
You’re not leading
Hoping it will meet our every need
Disappointed, left empty

We all have needs we want to fill
And sometimes ignore that’s in Your will
But beauty doesn’t come without patience
Whoever heard of a hero without struggle, without endurance?

And how much would freedom cost
If it was never lost?
Or being stress-free
If you never had a worry?

And beauty wouldn’t be so rare
If you found it everywhere
And winning wouldn’t be so great
If it was everyone’s fate

So when this journey seems tough
And I think I’ve had enough
I’ll continue on with patience
Remembering You have me in mind
Beauty comes with endurance
And that’s what I long to find