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There was a young girl in a field nearby
Spreading out her arms as though she could fly
For she was young and full of passion
Clothed with beauty of natural fashion
Long, flowing hair of flowers showed nature’s grace
And a smile adorned her face
And with Love Himself she was in love
And it showed she was His beloved
And with Him, every day she would dance
No matter the trouble of circumstance
Never such a carefree spirit as she
Showed with such love and jubilee
She never showed the many burdens of her past
And through the many hardships she faced, never seen with a face downcast
And with her own troubles, she showed no care
For she was always looking after another’s fare
And of herself, she never did speak
For through her strength, she stayed rather meek
And though her Love she spoke and danced with, no human eye had ever found
In her and through her, her Love was shown around