Hell’s Beauty

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What is beauty?
If it’s really
Supposed to be
More than the eye can see
And last for all eternity
How have we been deceived?
By impostors
Who know how to paint a great mask
Who despise beauty that will last
Who offer whatever you ask
For only the price of your soul in return
Causing men to stumble,
Married men to burn
Is that what beauty is?
Then take a paint class so you can learn
To be fake
And let your body bake
Don’t you know tan is in?
Who cares how early
It makes your skin
Turn leathery and wrinkly
By then
You’ll be out anyways
And you’ll be replaced
By others who
Know how to paint a great face
Oh, and those boobs won’t do
It doesn’t matter if God made them to fit you
If you want to please
Any man with a TV
Go to that surgeon
And ask for double D
And pray that just maybe
He’ll be satisfied with you
And loves
To give good back rubs
Or sends you to a chiropractor every week
To get re-adjusted
For your big bust
Because if you have boobs that size
You need to realize
It isn’t good for your back
So girls, be satisfied with your lack
And if you want to be disrespected
And would rather be an object of lust
To allow men to commit adultery with you
By one look of their eyes
Then continue to show your bust
You won’t just be turning the heads you want
But will be causing different married men,
Old and young
To not be satisfied with their wives
And every woman to despise you
Is that really what you want?
To never be an object of love
But of lust?
Then continue to show your bust
And maybe your legs as well
Send men straight to the depths of hell
Just by looking at you
Cause men to drool
Turn them into fools
If that’s what you want
You’re doing well
Too bad your shell
Doesn’t match what’s inside
Because Jezebel,
You’d look like hell
And you would never be
Confused with beauty
If only looks weren’t so deceiving

-Matthew 5:27-30

-Proverbs 7 and 8

 -1st Samuel 16:7