The End Will Justify the Journey

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My friend,
Where did your heart go?
Why are you hiding your beauty
That you used to show?

Why are you compromising?
Settling for less?
Flaunting your body
Is always a mess

Do you remember who you were before?
Maybe you were lonely
But you were chaste
An unheard of beauty today

Why are you giving into the demands of lust?
You deserve so much more
Why are you lowering your standards?
Polishing your heart has become a chore

Do you see your worth anymore?
Have you lost your dignity?
Do you respect yourself?
When hiding your true identity?

Who are you trying to attract?
They will love you for the wrong reasons
Break your beautiful heart
Not even considered a treason

Why lower your value?
Patience will reward your wait
Virtue will clothe your heart
And you won’t be served as bait

Don’t compromise your dignity
Don’t settle for mediocrity
Don’t hide your heart
Your true identity

Your heart is beautiful
Don’t let them take it from you
Guard it carefully
Don’t lose its value

The wait may seem long at times
But the end will be perfect
Maybe you may feel a little let down
But you can always stand erect

For at the right time
A man will uncover your heart
Your beauty
With no regret