Two Women; Two Paths

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Filthy, graven images fill a lonely mind dressed in lingerie.
Lustful thoughts spoken sweetly are more than lips can say.
God’s gift to man has turned to ruin simple ones who turn to walk her way.
Oh Jezebel, oh Jezebel, you whisper so sweetly, why not come out in light of day?
What’s done in secret will be brought to light and light will be on its way.
One night of pleasure will be the sin that leads a common man to stray,
One night of pleasure leading to eternal decay.

Pure, sweet innocence is hard to find in this day.
A beautiful woman with a heart of gold is not found on display.
God’s gift to man has been unwrapped and worn out from being put away.
Oh Wisdom, oh Wisdom, where do you hide yourself in light of day?
A common man cannot find you,
A wise man can betray you,
And no one understands your ways.
You cry out in the light and you are hidden from the simple ones’ view.
Their ears are deaf to your cry and your voice is growing thin, shouting anyway.
Your blessings are eternal life for now and always,
And your love is here to stay.

These destinies lie in a choice that many choose to give away.
They start out with a heart choosing to do right or to stray.
Sin is not found in actions though but in the heart of man.
A simple thought or look of lust was never in God’s perfect plan.
So be careful where your heart is,
Be careful what you put in front of your eyes,
For the path to wisdom is only found among the wise.

-Proverbs 7 and 8