Daily Suspense

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Each day’s a daily battle, of will I live or will I not?
Will I let my continual struggle bring my weary bones to rot?
Each day I feel I’m giving up another glimmer of hope or two
And then I realize what effect it must be having on You
All along You’ve been telling me, “Just put all your hope, all your trust in Me,
And everything will come together, just be patient and you will see”
And then You see how hard I struggle to completely trust in You
And then I realize just how much pain I must be putting You through
You already have my whole story already written out
And you wonder why after only one chapter I’m already filled with doubt
And then after reading the book all the way through
I look back and wonder how I could have ever begun to question You
I have only finished reading the first chapter or two
And I have yet to see the suspense You’re gonna put me through
But the end wouldn’t have such a great ending…without the beginning
So I’ll keep reading the beginning knowing I have a lot to look forward to
And I’ll keep putting my hope and trust only in You