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Everything’s running along
Nothing can go wrong
But then a huge turn
A new lesson you gotta learn

You think you let go
Let God run the show
Slowly emotions coming back
When will you get cut some slack?

Your spirit’s warring inside
You wanna scream, you wanna hide
Find it’s all a dream
With you on the winning team

Oh, if life were that easy
If emotions were so breezy
Maybe hearts would never be broken
Maybe pain would never be awoken

But we have to face reality
Stop living in a fantasy
Of a world that’s never changing
Of heart needing no re-arranging

But child, when the pain gets to you
When everything turns and you don’t know what to do
Turn to Me, I’m able
The only thing that will always remain stable

Wanna be there through it all
Wanna catch you when you fall
Just let go, you have the ability
Let Me be your stability