Worth Living For

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Why did You make me, Lord?
I’m always either sad or bored
Why can’t You just let me have it my way
Please just take my life today
Why is it every time I think about suicide
You say, “I have a special purpose for you before you die?”
With all the parents’ arguments
And all the girls wanting breast enlargements
With all the fights
And all those porn websites
With all the shootings going on
And all Ricky Martin can say is, “Shake your bon bon”
With the biggest worry being, “What will they think of me?”
They have nothing to worry about, people only judge as far as the eye can see
With boys and girls being used
And sometimes even abused
With men wanting ladies
To abort their precious, God-given babies
With men saying, “I love you”
But leaving when they find out a baby is due
With the couple who say You are their source
The ones who are most likely to get a divorce
With all the kids whose parents are to blame
Blaming such innocent things as video games
But no, You, as awesome as You are, came here on earth
To show me how much my life is really worth
I really didn’t think there was anything to live for
Until You came knocking on my door
Saying, “I love you,
Please let Me come through
Let Me guide your way
And, with Me, you will stay.”

-The 1st poem I wrote after being filled with the Holy Spirit at age 12.