Substituting the Absolutes

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How easily we substitute
Every lie for every absolute
Because we’re free to believe
Our own truth
How easily we’ve been deceived
Every religion clashing with what we believe
Forming different beliefs by every book we read
Every example we see
And every person proclaiming truth
With opinion
We think to be free
Means to state our mind
Claim our rights
And we ignore the liberty
That Jesus Christ died to set us free
And we’re binding our own wrists
We’re banging our fists
We’re chaining ourselves down
But all the while, we’re claiming
A new freedom we’ve found
Because love,
Yeah love makes the world go ’round
Or at least that’s how musicians put it
And we believe every minute of it
And there’s maybe some truth to it
But the truth is, we’ve substituted
Fact with feeling
Separation from God with healing
And it’s got me wondering
When did the serpent speak to us?
Or did he ever leave us?
Because we’re substituting
People with God
Beauty with immodesty
Worshipping with TV
And I don’t think we even realize
We’re being deceived
Lust of the flesh
Lust of the eyes
The pride of life
Satan always appears as an angel of light
And somehow, we think
He has our best intentions in mind
Because nobody, not even the devil
Could be so evil
Murderer, Thief, Father of Lies
Stealer, Killer, Destroyer
He’s got us all blind
And somehow we’ve substituted
Satan’s lies
For Jesus Christ
Now’s the time to open our eyes
Substitute the absolute lies
With absolute Truth